Friday, September 17, 2010

The Magnanimous

Nobody does it bigger and better than Oprah Winfrey!! Yes you heard it right. She is the queen of generosity. So magnanimous that sometimes i have to ask myself if this is a dream or real?

Watching the Oprah Winfrey show is just such a roller coaster ride for me. It's a high and low of emotions. You never know what that show is going to hit you with in the next 60 minutes. One minute i have tears rolling down my eyes, the other minute my heart is racing at 1000 beats/min with excitement.

Oprah has been hosting this talk show for 25 years now and finally its the farewell season. The final season began earlier this week and O' what a show it was !!! Everyone in the audience (300 of them , her most loyal viewers) got an all paid for 10 days vacation to Australia!!!! It's not even NY or your town next door. It's freaking Australia. Whooosh!!! And yes she is paying for it.

Over the course of so many years, she has touched on topics which are hot and some not. She has discussed issues that have plagued our society and those that have helped it grow. Talked to molesters, cheaters, criminals and achievers. About 44 million people tune into her show every week. Women believe in her, love her, cry for her and some even worship her.

I cannot get enough of her as a person and her generosity. I constantly find myself being awed by her. Asking myself how can one person have so much power and influence to make people's dreams come true. Yes it is true that she is gifted and God has blessed her with so much, but that is not a sufficient condition to be magnanimous. You really have to have a big heart to really care for the those less fortunate and to spread the love.

There are hundreds of millionaires and billionaires out there in the world, but very few as generous and powerful as her. How many of them think about making your dreams come true? Take the example the Oprah effect it cannot get any bigger and better than that. Every person or business that is touched to her turns to gold. Yes she has the "Midas" touch.

Can it get any better? You just dream and she just makes it come true. Here is an example of what was on one of her shows:
All the brides in the audience (All 50 of them) received:

1. A Vera Wang wedding dress (yes you heard it right "Vera Wang"!!! )
2. A $250 gift card from Kohl's to buy Simply Vera Wang clothes in their store
3. A $4000 gift card by Marriott Hotel for a stay anywhere in the US.
4. Free tickets by United airlines to go anyplace in the US.

There are million examples of her generosity and if i cited each one of them, it would take me days, probably months. My favorite on today's show was what Oprah did for a mother of three. The mother had been struggling all her life to make ends meet and educate her children. She worked three jobs everyday. Oprah not only made her ultimate dream come true by sending her and her kids to an all paid vacation to Italy, but she also paid off her $78,000 in loans and gave her a year's salary so that she could take the year off. It left me happy, happy to know that there is an angel out there who not only wants to help, but has the power and the ability to help and make things right for you.

Oprah will never cease to surprise me. She inspires me to not only be a good person but a better human being.

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