Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The world is converging

The world is definitely converging. There was a time when the Indian were obsessed with everything foreign. Growing up, I remember everything from "America" was amazing, the smell of American good was enticing. I would wait for my aunts and uncles visiting us to open their bags and hand us our gifts. It was the most exciting part of their trip :)

20 years later, things are changing, the "Americans" are obsessing with everything Indian. Be it fashion, food or lifestyle the Indian-ness is taking over. And I am loving it!! I see women wearing bangles instead of bracelets. I see rings and statements necklaces resembling the ones in my grandmother's closet. Dresses are being replaced by Tunics (or kurtas as i know them).

West Elm is selling hand blocked jaipur quilts. I have spent so many winters snuggled in these growing up as a child. The ikat collection at Anthropologie is finally in. Food network has shows on Indian cooking. When Aarti's Party's soared to popularity in 6 weeks and people were eager to learn more about Indian spices and buy spice boxes.

My neighbor who is a yoga teacher is conducting more Kirtans and loving it!! Movies like Peepli live show in a regular theater nearby and I no longer have to drive 40 mins to watch Hindi movies. This gradual transformation excites me because even though it's been a decade since i left home, I am still Indian in my eating habits, in the clothes I wear and the thoughts i think. The adoption comforts me, maybe I am not all that away from home!!!

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