Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 7 & 8 - Zurich

Last leg of the trip- the city of Zurich

We had originally booked our hotel at Interlaken for four days. Once we were in Interlaken we realized that we won't need that many days. Luckily our hotel allowed us to stay only three nights and we decided to leave for Zurich a day earlier.

We took the 11am train from Interlaken to Basel to Zurich. It's about a 2 hour journey with a change of train at Basel. Our hotel was right in the heart of the city. We were back to urban living. Tall buildings, people all around, the hustle and bustle of a big city.  Our room was very modern with all the standard amenities including tonnes of TV channels in English ( in most of the other places the only channel English was BBC).

The day was gloomy and not so bright. We decided to take the tram to the main shopping district - Bahnhofstrasse. An eclectic mix of designer stores and unique boutiques adorn the area. We loved the city, its a great mix of modern city and old parts too.  We loved walking in old parts of the town, going in and out of small lanes, visiting boutique stores. Some famous places to see are the St. Peter Church from Lindenhof, Grossm√ľnster and visiting the Sprungli cafe for chocolate lovers.

The city had a great feel and was full of energy, young people everywhere. All the pubs are buzzing in the evening. The trams are a great and convenient way to get around the city. Our saver pass covered trams too so there was no extra cost to take the trams. On the first night we decided to explore one of the off-beat Indian restaurants for dinner. The place is called Gourmet spice. It was good authentic Indian food in a very small setting. A small house converted into a restaurant. Very casual dining but delicious food.

Day two was beautiful. Bright and sunny, no clouds or signs of rain. We decided to do the photography session again :) strolled in and out of stores on Bahnhofstrasse. We then decided to walk along the lake and stroll do other parts of the old town. What a charming town. Loved it! For brunch we visited a wonderful vegan restaurant called the Hiltl. This place came highly recommended and I can see why, The food completely blew us away. Heavily inspired by Indian food, they have a big buffet of vegetarian dishes. We ordered from the menu and loved both our dishes. It was one of the best restaurants in our whole trip. Highly recommend the place.

In the evening while walking around Lake Zurich, I stumbled upon a magnificent parade of fire brigades. This parade happens once in 10 years and they bring our all their fire brigades on display. So we had the 1st brigade dating from 1929 to the latest one. It was quite an interesting site. Glad i was able to see it.

We loved the city and its vibrant energy. It's definitely a place where we can see ourselves living for a few years. While they are very modern and full of energy, the city has preserved its history and that mix makes it very interesting. Charming and vibrant in its own way. The trams reminded us a lot of Calcutta. The night was young, people were happy, drunk and loud nonetheless everything seemed safe and comforting. We took our last tram ride back to the hotel ready to come all the way back home. 

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