Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Inner Voice

I recently received the book One Night At The Call Center by Chetan Bhagat. It was published in 2007 and I had heard great things about the novel but had never got a chance to actually reading it. So when i got the book I was quite excited and looked forward to reading it. In fact I had seen the movie version of this book a few years ago and thought it was a badly made film and so was a bit apprehensive about the book too.

I finally started reading the book every night before sleeping. The good thing about this book is that it's a no brainer. It's written in simple, easy to follow language. In fact when i first started I felt it was nothing special and any tom dick and harry can write what Mr. Bhagat had written. The story line was so simple and casual straight from an everyday Indian life. Even I could write something like this. Is writing a book so easy, where is the punch? the twist? In 2 days I was close to the end.

Without going into details, it's a story about 6 people who work at a call center in Delhi, India. The entire story is based on the happenings of one night. That was the interesting thing!! 7-8 hours spent by these 6 people in a call center evolved into a book. To be very honest the events are very ordinary, day to day descriptions, things which you, me and everyone experiences and deals with. What really changed my opinion about the book was the message it conveyed in the end. Baaam!!  the last few pages were the game changer!!

We all are responsible for the circumstances that we find ourselves in, in our lives. Yes, in the end when you land in a situation or you fail or even win it is a results of the actions, the decisions you have made all throughout. Throughout the journey we keep getting calls from our inner voice, some decide to hear it others simply ignore it. And when you ignore your voice and choose to remain silent or non-responsive to it you land in difficult situations. You loose your confidence and it's a downhill from there.

So for example if you have a bad boss you can choose to suffer day in and day out under him or decide to change things for your self. Similarly in any sphere of life, when we are in trouble or in suffering or sad or have failed we can either choose to continue on the same path and do nothing about it or recognize our fears, put them aside and chose to change the course of action. Take in charge and steer ourselves away and out of the problems staring at our face.

I think this book conveyed a very powerful message through a very simple story. The book is an easy read, simple to follow. You will be able to identify yourself in many a places and feel this is ins some way your story too. But the message is strong, loud and clear. Take the call your inner voice makes and that might make all the difference.

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