Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lula cafe, Chicago

I am in the city of Chicago visiting a very dear college friend. We go far back ...all the way to college days in Bombay. We have been gossiping, chit chatting and just spending quality time with each other....girls know how to do that best. It's great to see her and be back in Chicago. One of my favorite cities after New York.

This morning I woke up to a calm and peaceful house. The neighborhood seemed quiet and lush green. It had rained in the wee hours of the morning and the air was crisp and clean. The sun was not out but it was still bright. While i sat on the couch sipping a cup of green tea I decided to visit Lula cafe for breakfast. It came highly recommended and the best part was it was right around the corner from my friend's house. So after a quick bath i walked to the cafe. 

The cafe is nothing special to look at from the outside and inside. But it is cozy and comfortable. I was quickly seated at a table close to the window. My server was super nice and patient. He was very accommodating and helped me decide on what to order. I started with a freshly squeezed orange juice. It was nice and refreshing. Not tart at all.

Then i got a side portion of the brioche french toast. I had read great reviews of it and really wanted to try without making a meal out of it. So they kindly agreed to give me 1 piece instead of the whole plate. It not only looked delicious but was the best french toast i have ever eaten. Very well cooked and soft from the inside. Not at all eggy. The sweet syrup and the honey butter were perfect complements. Every bit just melted in my mouth and was a burst of flavors. The perfect start to a breakfast. I kept thinking i will save it for later and eat it after my omelet but my hands wouldn't stop.

The next i had was an omelet filled with  melted onions, summer apple, oyster mushroom, spinach and Gruyere. The presentation was a bit sad with no greens on the plate. Just an omelet folded with  a side of potatoes and fruits. But looks can be deceptive. As soon as i took a bite of the omelet there was an explosion of flavors in my mouth. The onions were perfectly caramelized and were ever so sweet. The small bite size apples gave a nice crunch, the mushrooms were full of flavor and the cheese and spinach a perfect amalgamation. Each bite was savory and light. It was an omelet but prepared as a crepe. Very light and fluffy. The side of potatoes and fruits were nothing to boast about. In fact I took a bite of the potatoes and decided to just concentrate on the eggs.

Overall great food and excellent service. The rumors have it that this place gets crowded on the weekend. The line for breakfast/brunch coils around the corner. I was glad i visited it on a weekday when everything was nice and quiet. I will definitely be back here on my next trip to Chi town! 

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