Friday, September 23, 2011

An Ode to my Mother

I was thirteen and very keen
Life was happy and serene
Had great parents and 2 sisters not in their teens
We laughed and we played
Shared stories and charades

Smiles, laughter and abundant joy
Naughty, kind and not at all coy
Till one day it all seemed dark
They told us the news and I was stark
Why us O' God why us i asked?

The next five years sped rapidly by
We counted the days for her to say good bye
She cried in pain and was yet so strong
Oh God give us the strength to do no wrong

I was eighteen, no longer a teen
she was gone, never again to be seen
I cried each night and missed so her much
Why O God, you took our mother in such a rush???


Anonymous said...

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Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at

Shruti said...

Maria, thank you for your comments. I would definitely love some swedish decor inspiration :) Yes i do have a FB and twitter account, but i mostly post my entries here. Take care!!