Thursday, May 24, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Every Sunday the thing I look forward to most is watching an episode of Aamir Khan's new serial Satyamev Jayate. It airs in India every Sunday morning at 11am and the episodes are available for viewing on their official website. 

I absolutely love this show for several reasons:
1. It belongs to my favorite actor Aamir Khan. No more needs to be said about him. He is brilliant at everything he does.
2. The topics/issues are common, but just the ones that need our attention. We have for long turned a blind eye/deaf ear to these issues. Finally someone took the initiative to speak up.
3. I think India might have found it's own Oprah Winfrey :) (That remains to be seen!!)

Satyamev Jayate is an attempt to bring the truth out. To look around and recognize the truth around us and give it the attention it deserves. The serial sheds light on those issues which have been plaguing our Indian society for centuries. We have blindly been following certain practices in India in the name of caste, religion and social norms. The serial inspires us to stop, look around and think about it aloud. To decide whether doing so is right or so wrong?

It's been three weeks since Aamir Khan has been hosting this show and the response from the people has been phenomenal. 84 million people watched episode one of the show making it the highest rated show with a 4.27 television rating (TVR) across 6 metropolitan cities, according to Television Audience Measurement (TAM) data. [1]  In an online poll conducted by Hindustan Times, 88% people agreed that they liked the show. [2]
Every week the show tackles a new issue.  The 1st episode focused on female infanticide, the 2nd one talked about child abuse and the 3rd one touched the topic of dowry. It's encouraging to watch people share their personal stories and become an example for everyone else. I have personally been moved by a lot of these stories and feel sad as I watch some of the incidences. Sometimes the truth is so ugly and horrifying that it makes me angry.

My fear though is that this is another wave on which people are riding and as soon as the serial is over, the waters will recede and the uproar will die out. Look at how many people stood up to support Anna Hazare and his cause. It felt like a revolution. Outcome? None!!  In the past we have seen many incidences of people getting all excited and charged up but then the fever soon dies out and things go back to normal. I hope the same does not happen here. I sincerely hope through this show people speak up and fight for a good cause. These are issues that will take time and perseverance and we must not give up and forget after the wave has passed.

I am excited to watch all the 13 episodes. Have you watched any of these episodes? What are your views?


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