Monday, June 18, 2012


My best friend who has never ever run in her life, recently completed a half marathon. I was so proud of her that i wrote a poem in her honor. While this poem is dedicated to her, I must say the more I read it, the more i felt it's dedicated to all of us too. It's true to me, to you and to every woman (or man) who is true to themselves. I hope this inspires you to find the true YOU!

You, you are the woman of today
Strong and brave, each morning, each day
you are gentle and sweet
Such a beautiful soul, but a bit freak

You, you are the woman of today
The one who lives her life each minute her way
You stumble and you fall
But pick up yourself and move ahead with your call

You, you are the woman of today
Filling our lives with love, laughter and your crazy ways
You jump and you scream, play like a girl and beam
You also work hard, dream and want to move up the corporate stream

You, you are the woman of today
One who makes up her mind and trains for this day
You started with 2 minutes, your legs could run no more
Today your strong will, will run you through 13 miles and maybe more

You, you are the woman of today
Strong willed, beautiful and sexy in every way
I thank you for being yourself, for being YOU
My dear friend you are the most beautiful when you are truly YOU.


Tanya said...

Shruti... this is such a wonderful poem!!! You're so talented... I am so lucky to know both the writer and the object of affection in this poem :)

Shruti Kapoor said...

Tanya, Thank you for your kind words...yes you do know both of us well!