Friday, April 15, 2011

Oprah Winfrey's Oscar Taping in LA

I have applied for ticket's to Oprah winfrey's talk show numerous time and never made it to Chicago. Every year after the Oscar's on Sunday, Oprah does a special taping at the Kodak theater with a select few Oscar winners in LA. So once again i tried my luck and guess what??? I got selected to attend the taping!!!!! I couldn't believe the confirmation email and kept reading it again and again. It was the OPRAH WINFREY show and to top it all the OSCAR taping :) could it get any better?

It was fabulous and overwhelming event :) My day started at 4am, (u'll see pics), by the time i reached the parking lot (which was 5:30am) there were already a couple of hundred people standing. We stood in line freezing our buttss off (yes it was 39F) for an hour an a half till we finally reached the check-in table. After another 45 mins of waiting in line, we were finally transported to the Kodak theater.

I think there were probably about 3100 people for this show :) it was so much fun to watch girls/ladies/oldies all decked up from top to bottom clinging to their designer purses, strutting around in high heels and looking their best lol. It was like a mini fashion event going on. Quite a few generous and patient men accompanied them too :)

After the long wait we were seated in the Kodak theater and i was totally blown away!!  The theater is SPECTACULAR !!! Its beautiful all around and the majestic Oscar statue standing at the center of the stage is a piece of art. I am glad i got an opportunity to see the theater from inside. What a wonderful feeling it must be to stand on that stage amongst the best of best and accept that award for all your hard work. Just sitting there and feeling the energy gave me goosebumps.

It was loads of fun thereafter, great music, energy, excitement. Imagine a hall filled with 3000 high energy women. Everywhere you looked around it was an ocean of colors. Oprah was fabulous as ever she interviewed the winners from the Kings' speech, we had Collin firth, Anne hathaway, Melissa, Geoffrey rush....all there for the interview. I was so glad King's speech won, it was my favorite movie and I loved it  the moment i watched it. Collin Firth did an amazing job and deserved every bit of that award.

The show ended with Katy perry's performance. All in all it was a super looooooooong, tiring but a fun day. A great experience. But nonetheless i would not have missed the experience :) Oprah + Oscars was double fun!!

Here are some pics which i tired to take, not very good as i was sitting up there but still a few memories.

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