Friday, November 21, 2008

Entries and Exits

I have always wondered why do people comes into our lives and then leave? Is that a part and parcel of life and what is termed as "experience"? The person who was once your best friend in school no longer appears in either your phone books or emails.

Someone once told me "We meet to part and part to meet" and this statement has in fact consoled me on so many occasions. Are friends circumstantial? I don't mean to imply that we cannot have true friends. However most of us meet people or make friends in our local surrounding. We might become close to someone because we see them on a daily basis and spend most of our time with them. The more time you spend the closer you get to them and your mind makes you believe that he/she is a good friend. But are they truly your friend? Or are they just some people you get use to seeing and hanging out with?

Then comes one incidence in life where you have to move/leave/part and friends no longer remain friends. The innumerable hours that you spent with them slowly begins to fade in your mind and your priorities change. You try to keep in touch, in the beginning by daily calls and emails and then those become weekly then monthly and soon even yearly. Where did all those strong feelings vanish? If they truly were so strong why did they fade? Which makes me then wonder were those feeling even real or circumstantial?

Many people have walked into and out of my life. I won't be wrong if i say that i have not forgotten a single one of them but i will be honest, some have faded and some are fading far away. Each one has taught me something good and something bad and even though i cannot figure out why they walked into my life and left, i can figure out the good and the bad that i learned from them.

And while i walk down the road of life, innumerable people will cross my path, some for a second, some for days and some to stay forever. But each one of them will leave an impression behind, impressions that shape me and teach me something as small as a new song, or the meaning of a new word or maybe something as big as how to live life :)

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