Friday, November 21, 2008


Satisfaction is defined as a feeling of contentment. Something that puts your body and mind at ease and gives you happiness. Some people get it from working hard, some from having an orgasm while other from simply eating a dark rich chocolate cake glazed with chocolate icing. All varied sources but giving the same feeling of contentment.

I on the other hand have recently noticed that i get satisfaction from Teaching. Being a teaching assistant i have experienced the art of teaching since the past 4 years. Handling on average 100 students was a scary thought initially but now its a piece of cake. I look forward to the days i have to teach. Three hours back to back, kills my legs, leaves me dead thereafter but leaves me super content. For those three hours i forget all my worries, all my tensions, the only thing that's on my mind is how to explain this concept well to the listeners sitting right in front of me. How should i help them out and make sure they understand the material well. How can i best explain what is "Elasticity" and why should it matter to them.

Satisfaction sets in when I ask my students a tricky question and they respond promptly and with enthusiasm. When I see them all do well on the exam and take interest in the course, ask me questions, try to challenge my knowledge. That feeling is truly of contentment, like I did my job right and did my best.

No matter what you are doing or how your are doing it in life, to get that feeling of satisfaction and contentment is in my knowledge paramount. So whether it is eating that chocolate cake or being the CEO of a company, doing your regular chores or just lounging around not doing nothing, make sure you do it well and do it to the point till you achieve that feeling which is called "Satisfaction" .

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