Friday, November 21, 2008

Writing a blog

I have always wanted to write blogs though the reason to write one was never clear to me. What was the intention?

1. Was it to increase my writing skills?
2. Was it awaken the creative side in me?
3. Was it to share bits and pieces of my life with the world outside?
4. Or was it simply to be cool (if at all maintaining a blog is 'cool'?

Whatever be the reason , here I am really sitting and writing my first official blog.
I am excited and at the same time apprehensive. What is it that I write about? What and how much of the information should i divulge out to the world about me or about anything around me that i care about? What are the rules of writing a blog? Are they any? Should i be verbose and pour my heart out or be discrete and keep it precise?

I guess writing a blog is really not that simple, or is it that i am making this too complicated? Isn't this suppose to be when one just simply sits in front of the computer and starts to write whatever comes to their mind :) But my mind is swimming with a million thoughts. Should i randomly select one thought and start writing about it?

I guess I still need to figure out the purpose of writing blogs, why should i sit in front of the computer and type out my thoughts aloud. Or maybe its an advanced way to write diaries. So instead of puring your heart out on a paper, you actually pour it out to the "world wide web".

Whatever it is, for now the feeling is pretty strong and so i am going to try and put something meaningful out here. Though let me warn you, don't get too excited, reasons are week and the emotions maybe I will or maybe i will not!!!!

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the real image said...

Well u nvr needed to improve ur writin skills, they were always good n creative.i guess it just lets u vent, n i see no post after Nov'08. i'd like to read more .