Saturday, November 22, 2008

Single and Interesting

Are you single and interesting?

While having a casual chat with one of my friends i stumbled upon the problem of 'single and interesting'. Either you are single and not interesting or you are interesting but not single. That's the biggest challenge being faced by some of us. Is it true, are most interesting people already taken? And the ones who are single, are they single because they are not interesting?

Whats the trend nowadays? Are we each suppose to find and lock in on our girlfriends(boyfriends) when we were toddlers? Because by the time you reach puberty all the good ones are already taken! Some people are way too lucky and find love very early on in life and things go sailing all the way and they marry each other. Then they are some who care not to look around at all or are too shy and are just perfect for the concept of arranged marriage. And finally there are those who find love in spurts, its there now and gone tomorrow, back again and oops gone again. It's this last cohort of people that make me wonder ow long do you wait to come across that one single girl(guy) who also happens to be interesting?

In my opinion the concept of 'interesting' has changed and evolved with time. What was defined as interesting in our parent's time are less of issues now. Nowadays we looks for the magic word called "Spark" or "Chemistry". Dunno what that means but let me take a guess, a little bit of physical attraction, lots of ability to flirt and excite you and then maybe the other necessary stuff like education, good family background etc. If the girl is an achiever she will expect the guy to share all responsibilities, on the other hand if the guy is conservative, he will expect the girl to be good looking, a great homemaker plus if she works (not career oriented) that would be good.

So our expectation have changed, the list of qualities that we look for in our partners whether to just date or think of marriage has grown two-folds. While we are less willing to compromise, our expectations are growing in leaps and bounds. No wonder marriages these days are harder to work on and divorce rates are shooting up. Well whatever be the reasons, the question for some of us still remains are you single and interesting


utsav said...

are you trying to be the new carrie bradshaw ?

Ichakraborty said...

I think you have raised a very valid point here. We can manage everything in our lives other than this aspect which seems to be becoming a labyrinth. We are supposed to find our own partners but in the midst of work, school and several other activities how are we supposed to find time to do it? I also think that as our interaction with technology increases our interaction with humans decreases and this is also partly responsible for the single but interesting phenomenon.

Shruti said...

Yep i agree with you, while work, school takes away a big chunk of our time, things like the internet, social online network sites and our blackberrys make sure we live in our own cocoon. Sometimes i wonder if this problem only exists for the people living in the US or do people in India experience the same?